We raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, chickens, White Peking ducks and have a two Blue Slate Turkeys... oh yeah, a few Guinea Pigs too. 

We believe in treating our animals humanely with lots of kindness and attention.
The animals are all healthy and very happy (especially at feeding time).

2009 Kids Sunning on barn deck     2009 Buckling, Nuggett  
Client Testimonials

"There are good ships and wood ships, and ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friend ships, and may they always be"


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Selling the goats...

After many years of breeding and having goats we have decided to stop. Finding out we are both Casein intollerant could have something to do with our decision, but also time constraints and finances. Our goats are all extrememly friendly and love children.  I would like to find them a good home.  Please contact me if interested.

December 2010

Vern, the matriarch of the herd earned her SG (Superior Genetics) designation in December 2010. Yeah Vern!  We have a few does for sale still. 
See our Goat Sales page for details. 


We raise chicken's, ducks and turkeys
(for their eggs).

Our goats are milked daily and with the milk we make soap...

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