Our Miniature Horses


Critter Croft Carmen's Hero

DOB: About 2002

Our rescue stallion.  He is so calm and sweet. I could not have bought a nicer horse. He gets along great with the goats and Darby. I just love him.  I call him my, "Little Manny".

He sired my colt Tucker (see below). 

Update: Oct.19, 2011
Comanche was gelded. No more babies :(



DOB: About 2006

Another rescue mini that a friend had and had to give up when moving. Darby is a good mare and very affectionate. She too is good with the goats.

Darby has experience pulling a cart so I am excited to start working with her and training myself how to drive (a cart).




DOB: June 13, 2011

My little colt born on our farm, product of Darby and Comanche. I just love this little guy. He has striking blue eyes and a unique taupe color.




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